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My Astronomy Website

Hello and welcome to my Astro web site. I`m located in North Lincolnshire U.K…..My interest in astronomy dates back to the 1960s when i sat in front of a small black and white T.V and watched Neil Armstrong step onto the surface of the Moon….So about 15 years ago I took a giant leap and bought my first telescope and camera and began photographing the Moon. I hope you browse my site and enjoy my imaging progress thus far.

Latest News

Apollo 11 Anniversary Picture

APOLLO 11….50th ANNIVERSARY       

Apollo 50th

Two Earth Like Planets Found

Astronomers discover two Earth-like planets orbiting one of the smallest stars ever found

The Biggest Stars

Formation Of The Moon Brought Water To Earth

New research explains how Earth became a habitable planet

Nasa Discovers A Twin Earth


The Big Bang In 10 Easy Steps

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