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My Astronomy Website

Hello and welcome to my Astro web site. I`m located in North Lincolnshire U.K…..My interest in astronomy dates back to the 1960s when i sat in front of a small black and white T.V and watched Neil Armstrong step onto the surface of the Moon….So back in 2010 I took a giant leap and bought my first telescope and camera and began photographing the Moon. I hope you browse my site and enjoy my imaging progress thus far.

Super Summary

James Webb Telescope

https://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/webb/main/index.html James Webb Telescope

Two Earth Like Planets Found

Astronomers discover two Earth-like planets orbiting one of the smallest stars ever found

The Biggest Stars

Formation Of The Moon Brought Water To Earth

New research explains how Earth became a habitable planet

Nasa Discovers A Twin Earth

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